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Air Freight

Australia International Logistics, a leading international air freight company, we have the capacity to expertly handle all of your export air freight requirements around the globe.
We offer:

We can also offer cross trade services whereby you may be ordering through a local supplier and would like to send it directly to your client, from within Australia to any country around the globe ,you will always know where it is and when it is delivered to your clients .

Courier options for smaller parcels , such as start out samples, small shipments or returns we can service your needs around the world with options that will suit your needs .

Understanding your decision to choose airfreight , we will ensure that any shipment is expedited , and you know exactly where it is from the time the order is placed to the time that the shipment Is
AIL has an extensive network of overseas agencies specializing in airfreight .Our ability to handle all of your import air freight requirements efficiently and effectively, not only from the above points, in addition , and to outline the following-

Ocean Freight

Australila International Logistics can also provide ocean freight shipping services for exporting to all trading markets worldwide. Wether it be LCL or FCL , 1 container or many containers , we value our clients ,regardless as the most important poart of the process is that we meet our outcomes for our clients
The exporting services we provide include:

Our experience over the years with oceanfreight exports ensure that we monitor all transhipment points , and vessel arrivals into destination ,to assist our clients as well as our clients customers , so that they can make informed decisions for receipt of their cargo on arrival in the destination country .

AIL’s commitment to you is to ensure your company , your customer’s and your goods are looked after from start to finish not only on your next order , on every one that you place , we look forward to your consideration of our services on your next order.